Michigan Homeowners Insurance

Unlike car insurance, there is no requirement for you to purchase Michigan homeowners insurance online, although it is most certainly recommended in case of a break-in, vandalism, theft, and so much more. One of the major benefits to purchasing homeowners insurance is the benefit of being prepared for anything that life decided to throw at you or your home. And while the law may not require you to purchase home insurance, if you have a loan on your home the lender may require you to purchase this insurance within your loan agreement.


There are many types of policies that you can get as a homeowner, and each policy has a variety of things that are covered within the policy to keep you and your home protected. The first policy is known as HO-2 or Broad coverage which will cover your home in case of any damages to your home. For example theft, falling objects, explosion, lightning, fire, etc. The next policy is called HO-3 or All Risk, this policy covers anything that can happen to your home and the contents of your home in most cases. HO-4 or Renters coverage will cover only your personal property if stolen, destroyed, or damaged. Finally, HO-6 or Condominium coverage will cover not only your personal property, like renters insurance, but also half of the home as well. Read through your specific policy to see what your provider has listed for what they will cover.


You will find many extras or optional policies that you can add onto your homeowner’s insurance policy if you wish, however they are not required and you will only need to purchase the coverage plans that you want. Since there are no requirements, it is best that you consider what coverage is most important to you and make your decision from there. Do you want your possessions covered or only your home? Do you want a coverage plan that covers everything including your home and possessions or do you want to add on other possessions outside of your home? These are all things you will want to consider before getting quotes or purchasing a policy as it is necessary to take your time and not rush into a policy that you don’t want or that doesn’t cover your needs. For those who live in mobile homes or on a farm or ranch, there are other policies that will also cover your needs.


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